Top 10 Clean Eating Resources

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1. My Fitness Pal


My Fitness Pal lets you track how many calories you are eating each day. It’s extremely simple, you just input what foods you ate and they do the rest.

 Put this on your “Favorites” as you’ll want to visit it often.

2. epicurious


Epicurious is a great recipe site where you can find simple ideas that you may have never thought of before.

3. Fine Cooking


An authoritative blog about cooking and baking.

4. All Recipes


This is a great website which has almost every recipe you could ever think of.


Health is an authoritative site in the niche and this is an article they wrote about 20 easy meals that you can cook for your family.

6. Southern Living


This is a brilliant article on Southern Living about 107 quick and easy dinner recipes that you can on the table in under an hour.

7. Jamie Oliver


Jamie Oliver’s website and forum where you can chat with other food lovers.

8. Chow Hound


Chow Hound is a food lovers heaven, it covers everything about all types of food and cooking.

9. WebMD


WebMD is the internets best medical resource and this is a brilliant part on diet and managing your food healthily.

10. Eating Well


This is a great website that can show you how you can eat tasty food and still be eating healthily.

You can download the full report here as well:


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