Coffee mixed with CBD? Game changer or fad?

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This summer, I saw a little sign for a new product on offer: a CBD latte.

I tried CBD gummy fruit candy that puts me straight to sleep.

I tasted CBD oil which I found too disgusting-tasting to be worth whatever marginal benefits it may have given me.

But I know that other anxious people are experiencing good results with CBD and because I like coffee, I was interested —

though I did wonder if coffee (a stimulant) and CBD (a cannabinoid thought to have relaxing properties) might just cancel each other out.

What do we know CBD can do?

Currently, the only official component approved by the FDA is in a drug named Epidiolex, which will be used to treat severe forms of epilepsy in children and adults.

“There’s lots of data that really supports that CBD helps for epilepsy,” particularly in reducing the frequency of seizures.

What do we think CBD might be able to do?

In most cases, businesses can’t advertise CBD as doing much of anything, one way or another.
While clinical trials attempt to determine an effective dose for a particular condition, says Esther Blessing,
a psychiatrist at NYU Langone who studies the use of CBD in treating PTSD.
the growing “wellness empire” is free to leave the effects to your imagination.

“People who are selling CBD don’t even have to make specific claims.
The relationship between the actual amount of CBD and the effect doesn’t have to be very specific,
because there is no specific effect that they’re talking about,” says Blessing. “

So if I have a CBD latte, I might feel a little relaxed, or a little less neurotic, or who knows.”

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There is certainly substantial anecdotal evidence that CBD can help treat anxiety, but the scientific evidence remains very limited, says Blessing. “Probably the best evidence comes from studies on anxiety giving speeches, comparing normal subjects, and those with social anxiety disorder,” she says. “The doses that were found to reduce anxiety when someone’s giving a public speech experimentally were[approximately] 300 mg.”

How much CBD is needed to produce these effects?
The amount of CBD needed to produce significant effects varies by condition, according to both Blessing and Carson. “In clinical trials for schizophrenia they would give 800 milligrams,” says Blessing. “In our clinical trial to treat PTSD, we are giving 600 mg per day.” In the clinical trial for Epidiolex, Carson says, the clinicians administered 10 milligrams per kilogram the subject weighed — meaning a person who weighs 50 kilograms (or 110 pounds) would be given 500 milligrams of CBD.

Is there any reason I shouldn’t drink a CBD latte?

CBD should still be considered a drug, which means it can interact with other drugs. “CBD does interact with drugs that people are taking,” says Blessing. “So if you’re taking an opioid cough suppressant, or you’re taking serotonin-based medicine, like an SSRI, you can have strong drug interactions.” While most coffee shops are likely using doses too low to cause such interactions, Blessing says it’s something to be aware of. “If a coffee shop happened to have a way of making a product with a lot of CBD in it, then that could really interact with the medication this person is taking, and the effects they think are due to CBD could partly be due to that medication interaction,” she says.

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