The Dane who wants to save the world!

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It’s safe to say that no one was prepared for the Corona Virus crisis and its impact on the world.

It’s scary to think that the difference between life and death may be determined by the strength of our immune system.

“Being immunocompromised means that you have a reduced ability to fight infections” says Dr. Michael Hall, a CDC vaccine provider

But while scientists are working hard at finding a cure there’s a Danish man who believes that the best solution to build up our immune system is in our hands or rather lungs.

How you may ask? Through breathing…

His name is Stig Severinsen. He was born in Denmark in a small town called Aalborg.

What’s really fascinating about Stig is that as a child, he was plagued with Asthma.

But fortunately, he didn’t let that get in his way.

Instead, he began experimenting holding his breath at the bottom of his parents’ pool. He got his degree in biology and PHD in medicine while studying yoga.

His determination and training lead him to become World champion not once – but 8 times!

His first became free diving world champion a total of 4 times.

Then in 2010 he beat “The Iceman” Wim Hof’s record by swimming under ice water by over 47.6 feet.

He did it again twice – once in a wetsuit and then again in his speedos.

He was awarded the Guinness world record for holding his breath under water for 22 minutes at the London school of diving.

Now the Dane is trying to save the world by teaching others how to breathe.

He fought with his book publishing company to get the rights to his book ‘Breatheology’ so he could give his book away for free.

He’s shared his book and free training with over 250,000 people in a span of 45 days and has received an overwhelming positive response.

“Amazing gift to the world” says Michael Endres.

“Thank you from Siberia! I’m reading and taking the breathing lessons” says Tatiana Matlakhova.

“No matter your age, you breathe an average of 20,000 times per day without thinking about it. But if you think and practice, you can quiet your mind, control your stress levels and that improves your health. That’s what I want to share with the world” says the champion.

So if you want to improve your breathing and join the world champion, visit and download his book.

You can also take part in his free training which aims to increase your ability to hold your breath.

“Don’t forget to share with your parents and in particular your grand parents as they are most vulnerable” says Stig.

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