Father & Daughter Try CBD Together for the first time… Akward!

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Father & Daughter experience CBD for the first time… Or is it?

Things turn awkward when he finds out she knows WAY more than most — including himself — do.

But wait towards the end where they share their experience in their own words.

Apparently there is a part 2 video where the father really opens up about his childhood.

CBD is not new but it’s still new to most. Most people haven’t even tried CBD yet and still look at it with a negative association to Marijuana.

What’s interesting is that The United States passed the Marijuana Tax Act, effectively prohibiting all use of cannabis on a federal level in 1939 at the urging of corporations.

Since then it’s been vilified for now over 80 years…

But what most people have forgotten is the positive benefits of CBD when used in the right dose and for the right reasons.

Harvard Health School documented that it easily reduces stress or rather increases the ability to respond to stress in a calm manner.

Think cool cold headed… focused and getting things done kind of way.

So if you have not tried CBD just yet you may be missing out.

There are many brands on the market advertising CBD but few come close to the quality of They are obsessed with making the best product, vegan, GMO free and all Organic.

The company started sponsoring those “Try it together challenge” and apparently the Internet has been buzzing about it.

You can also learn more about CBD by downloading the Harvard Health School Report here.



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