Double Your Chances Of Losing Weight

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tape-403593_960_720This is a good tip but not for the reasons most people think.

It’s a tip that doubles you chances of losing weight.

And it only takes minutes per day. Are you ready?




You’re going to keep a food diary.


This isn’t about calorie counting.

Calorie counting is a non-sense.

It’s for people who want to obsess and fail.

And it’s totally unreliable.

Think about it.

Grow an apple in your backyard and compare it to an apple you bought from a store that’s been imported halfway around the world.

Do you think they have the same calorie content? I doubt it.

Do you think they even have the same nutrients? Highly unlikely.

Calorie counting is flawed at best. There are too many variables to make it accurate or reliable.

So give up on calorie counting.

Instead keep a food diary so you become conscious of what you are eating.

Now you don’t have to go crazy, you can do this in seconds.

Just scribble what you’ve eaten down on a piece of paper.

Like I said, this is about you being conscious about the food you put in your mouth.

It’ll make you think twice about eating.

That’s the key.

Thinking about what you eat.

It’s a proven fact that people who keep food diaries can lose twice as much weight as people who don’t.

Plus a good diary will help you identify and break bad eating habits too (especially those Achilles heel type habits).

Start it today.

Star it right now, in-fact.

There is no time like the present.

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